Strategic Data

Multi-use portfolios

The most prominent feature of Foliotek is our portfolio-based interface. A portfolio is simply an information container. Our portfolio system is built on a database-technology stack; it can store any type of electronic file and collect custom data from forms or data related to student educational performance.

Powerful assessment reporting

Foliotek is designed to perform assessments on anything stored within it. Assessments can be formative, summative, informal or based on rubrics tied to standards. This type of data input enables Foliotek to generate reports that accurately portray your educational processes.

Flexible design

Foliotek's portfolio-based assessment environment can collect, organize, evaluate and report on activities that make up the educational process. With Foliotek’s reporting features, you can track and report on the achievements of students, cohorts, programs and units. This flexibility preserves the natural processes of your current learning environments.

Reports available through Foliotek include:

  • Standards-based assessment
    (any standards, custom standards, custom rubrics)
  • Assessment reports
  • Data-form reports
  • Student activity reports
  • Instructor activity and interrater reliability
  • Exporting report data
  • My Reports
  • Archiving reporting results

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