About Foliotek

Foliotek began as LANIT, a custom technology solution company, in 1989. Founded on a commitment to offer our clients better technology, better solutions and industry-leading service, our mission was to serve and benefit others. This commitment was key to developing a “blue-chip” client list, including IBM, Boeing, Berkshire Hathaway (Gen Re), MPIX and others.

New Mission

In 2001, we strategically redefined Foliotek’s mission. At that time, we began the development of an educational technology tool in partnership with the University of Missouri. The goal of this “e-portfolio” system was to assist educators with student and program accreditation. The system was built around a paradigm that emphasized the collection, archiving, and standards-based assessment of student work samples.

Building on Success

After the initial success of this system, we invited education experts from a diverse group of more than 20 universities to help us expand Foliotek’s design. Our goal was to create additional capabilities and flexibility to serve a broader spectrum of education programs. The result of this collective effort was the release of the Foliotek Assessment system in 2003.


Since that time, more than 1,000 education programs have chosen Foliotek to support their quality and accreditation efforts. Concurrently, we have continued to improve the Foliotek Assessment system and introduce new products, including Foliotek Institutional Portfolios and Foliotek Presentation.

Our Passion

We believe every person has unique potential to make a positive impact on the world. This belief is our motivation to support improvements in education and to reimagine the pathways to professional growth and development. Our team is committed to help educators develop future generations who bring value to their communities and to the world.

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