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  • Student, faculty, and organization eportfolios
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Program performance analysis
  • Assessment and accreditation management
  • Student workplace readiness intelligence
  • Faculty professional development
  • Monitor students and faculty activity
  • Field experience and internship assessment
We spent over five months doing research on digital portfolio solutions and vetting the various vendors in the higher education digital portfolio market, in order to determine the best platform that would meet the current and future needs of our campus. Foliotek was our top choice. We are not only getting a fabulous digital portfolio product, we are acquiring a solution that will allow us to do assessment of student learning in a robust and flexible yet easy-to-use platform. We couldn’t be happier with our selection!
Paula R. Foster & Brenda Warrington , Gonzaga University
Foliotek offers the best customer service! They are always willing to consider our suggestions for product improvement. It is truly a collaboration!
Tracy P Elder, Director of Assessment and Accreditation , University Of Georgia, College Of Education
Foliotek allows us to capture the clinical experience for our DMD students by providing self-assessment and reflections, faculty feedback, and storage for administrative case tracking. Not only has it benefited our students and faculty, but will be essential in the newly redesigned curriculum to demonstrate all of these key initiatives. The Foliotek team is always a pleasure to work with, they provide near instant responses and always go above and beyond on every request.
Dr. Sang Park, Associate Dean of Dental Education , Harvard School of Dental Medicine
The Foliotek assessment system is absolutely essential to our program quality and accreditation efforts. We rely on its superb functionality and exceptional flexibility. Our candidates feel empowered to record authentic outcomes with unlimited varieties of evidence.
David Barbero, Graduate Research Assistant , University of Missouri - St. Louis
Foliotek is very intuitive, user friendly, and it’s fun! We were able to deploy a quality district-wide ePortfolio initiative to 7 colleges and more than 21,000 student accounts within two years of adoption.
Becki Williams , Dallas County Community College District
We feel we have only begun to scratch the surface of what Foliotek can do for us as an assessment tool. As we look ahead to future accreditation visits we know that having student learning data in a single place will help immensely
Dave Powell , Gettysburg College
Without good customer service for our students, faculty and staff, no software product – whether it’s touted as being one of the best in the industry or has the latest technology and innovation behind it, would be a consideration for our institution. Foliotek has all of this and EXCELLENT customer service. Our experience with their team has been exceptional!
Paula R. Foster & Brenda Warrington , Gonzaga University
Foliotek enables us to to capture the data we need to make informed decisions about how to best maintain the highest qulity of teacher preparation. The team at Foliotek works with us to understand our needs and provide solutions that maximize our efforts and minimize our time.
Jane Bowser , High Point University
The staff at Foliotek are awesome. Their customer service has been superior and Foliotek is extremely user friendly. Working with them has been a great experience.
Phyllis E. Blackwell , Missouri S&T
We have moved all of our MA in Counseling students to the Foliotek Eportfolio. It has been a great experience. The site is user-friendly and the staff is incredibly supportive and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend this technology for use at any school.
Bonnie Steich Assistant Director of Biblical Seminary , Biblical Seminary
When comparing Foliotek with some of the other products out there, we are always happy to know that we have chosen a wonderful product that does everything we want it to do and fits greatly into our campus. The support is fast, responsive and not only focused on problem solving but also looks ahead.
Anna Lohaus , Rollins College
We love Foliotek’s awesome Presentation Portfolio interface and their user-friendly Assessment Portfolio module. Having only used the product for a couple of months, faculty, staff and students have already told us they like how easy the software is to use. We will soon be integrating Foliotek with Blackboard, which will make the process even easier for our users to create digital portfolios that align to our institutional outcomes and demonstrate measurable and meaningful assessment of student learning.
Paula R. Foster & Brenda Warrington , Gonzaga University

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