School Pricing

Foliotek Assessment+ licensing is determined by the number of users that own an assessment/presentation portfolio license. Evaluators licenses are offered free of charge.

Discount & Multi-Year Pricing   

Foliotek offers discounts for multi-year licenses and for volume license purchases. Refer to the pricing schedule below for multi-year discounts. Contact Foliotek directly to determine additional discounts related to volume purchase commitments. (888.365.4639 ext.1 ///

Fee Per Portfolio Owner

1 Year

[ msrp $52 ]

2 Year

[ msrp $77 ]

3 Year

[ msrp $113 ]

4 Year

[ msrp $145 ]

5 Year

[ msrp $152 ]

6 Year

[ msrp $162 ]

Organization Features

  • No limit on assessment portfolio structures
  • Free faculty and administrator accounts
  • A dedicated educational consultant is assigned to help you plan your system rollout and execute an assessment strategy to achieve your program improvement goals
  • 10x5 regular support hours, 24/7/365 emergency support for portfolio administrators
  • Unlimited number of live webinar classes for training purposes.
  • 10 year running historical archive of all assessment data.

Portfolio Owner Features

  • Standard account size of 500 MB of online file storage space.
  • Free Foliotek Presentation account ($20/year value).
  • Freedom to creatively build an unlimited number of Presentation portfolios.
  • Share and collaborate on Portfolio Artifacts with peers.
  • Perform self and peer assessments.
  • Standard/Competency gap analysis depicting learning knowledge gaps.

Foliotek Assessment+ Minimums

  • Purchase Minimum: Foliotek Assessment+ requires the partnering institution to purchase $5,000 of licenses at the beginning of the contract. This purchase will cover the initial $5,000 of licenses used during the first year of the contract.
  • Yearly Minimum: Foliotek Assessment+ requires that the partnering institution maintain a yearly minimum throughout the term of the contract.
  • Additional Programs: Foliotek Assessment+ has a $2,000 minimum for any additional programs within the partnering institution who wish to use Foliotek. This minimum will cover the initial $2,000 of licenses for the first year of the new program

Register for Foliotek

Foliotek For School

Select this option if:

  • Your school requires Foliotek.
  • You bought a Foliotek packet at your school's bookstore.
  • You received a Foliotek registration code in an email or a handout in class.

Foliotek For Me

Select this option if:

  • You want to create a portfolio to help you get a job.
  • You want to use Foliotek to store and/or show- case your personal work and achievements to friends, family, peers, etc.

DO NOT select this option if:

You are required to use Foliotek for your school or class. If you do, you will not be able to submit your work to your school correctly.