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High value

Both faculty and students prefer Foliotek’s portfolio-based system because it creates value for them as they interact with the accreditation process. Faculty get their own personal portfolio to manage their professional development process, and students gain a portfolio that empowers their job search efforts.

Positive networking

Foliotek enables individuals to manage their professional development and tenure/promotion process by giving everyone a personal presentation portfolio. The system supports professional development communities, which foster positive peer pressure and motivate people to increase their career development efforts. On a related note, Foliotek can be used to measure staff performance and report on progress at the individual, group or unit level.

Students benefit

With Foliotek, students create personalized presentations that showcase their best work samples. Even students with entry-level computer knowledge can produce a variety of interesting and professional-looking presentations that appeal to specific audiences and purposes. Portfolios can be shared via email, Foliotek community, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. One of the greatest benefits of Foliotek is that it enables students to digitally connect with career networking and job opportunities. Their portfolio becomes an “electronic first interview” that they can share with potential employers anywhere in the world.

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