Educator Evaluation System

foliotek - configured for DESE's educator evaluation model

  • Artifact collection and reflection for teachers
  • Easy evaluation process for principals
  • Walkthrough and observation forms
  • Standardized workflow for new teachers
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Customizable evaluation processes
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What is Foliotek

Foliotek Inc. is an education technology company based in Columbia, Missouri focused on building web-based applications to help produce competent and passionate professionals. Over the past 10 years, Foliotek has worked closely with Missouri institutions of higher education as well as other universities around the world. As a result of these relationships, Foliotek has developed powerful assessment solutions geared toward helping individuals grow, while also providing relevant data to institutional programs for accreditation and assessment practices. Our team has been working with DESE and a variety of districts around the state to develop a consistent model to collect and assess the data DESE is requiring from districts.
Foliotek Assessment is designed to help educators assess the performance and growth of individuals. Foliotek allows users to document growth as it pertains to standards they are trying to achieve, and empowers evaluators with the tools to help improve growth through formative feedback and summative assessments. Using the data collected from assessments, administrators can aggregate and document growth for accreditation entities as well as analyze the success of their educators.

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Principals are provided with the tools to quickly perform observations and evaluations.

  • Principals can use laptops or other mobile devices and complete walkthrough and observation forms while sitting in the teacher's classroom.
  • With the baseline and final evaluations, principals have the flexibility to start the evaluation in the classroom and finish it later at their convenience.
  • Principals can quickly run the necessary reports to make informed, accurate decisions about their faculty.


With Foliotek, teachers can easily collect artifacts related to the standards they are developing.

  • Teachers create elements in their portfolio for the standards they are working on.
  • Teachers upload documents, lesson plans, videos, examples of student work, or results of assessments to demonstrate improvement in that area.
  • Teachers also have access to Foliotek Presentation which they can use to showcase their ability as an educator.


Administrators can use data to make wise decisions about faculty and school improvement.

  • Using Foliotek's robust reporting capabilities, administrators can run reports based on specific evaluations or compile all the evaluations completed with a particular scoring guide.
  • The Teacher Checkpoint Report allows administrators to pull all of the evaluations on a single teacher.
  • As DESE finalizes the data they wish to have on teacher improvement, Foliotek will develop reports to pull that specific data and calculate growth scores automatically.

Technical Assistance

  • Innovative Technology

    Foliotek is constantly being updated to meet the needs of the ever-changing Education community. We provide a portfolio-based assessment environment that can collect, organize, evaluate and report on activities that make up the educational process.

  • Video Training

    Videos are available in all accounts and made specifically for each organization.

  • Webcast Training

    Live web-based training is provided for faculty and administrators to guide them in the use of their Foliotek accounts.

Personal Assistance

  • Administor Support

    Emergency support is provided for school administrators through our emergency hotline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Foliotek Advisor

    Each school is assigned a knowledgeable advisor to guide them in the development and maintenance of their evaluation system.

  • Personal Technical Support

    Foliotek’s support staff is available from 8 am – 7 pm CT, Monday – Friday by phone, chat, and email. Additionally, Foliotek has an online help system that provides immediate assistance for most questions regarding daily operations of Foliotek.

What will it cost

Foliotek has worked hard to keep costs low so we can offer districts a competitive price for our Educator Evaluation System. It normally costs Higher Education institutions $40 per user per year. In a desire to help districts develop competent, passionate educators, we have greatly reduced the cost to Missouri’s K-12 institutions.

DESE Model Pricing

District adopts DESE model

Standard Price
per teacher
per teacher

Custom Model Pricing

District adopts custom model

Custom Price
per teacher
per teacher

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