Foliotek - an edTPATM Integrated Platform

Take advantage of your edTPA candidates' assessment process by collecting data with Foliotek's edTPA-integrated eportfolio platform. Foliotek can help maximize program assessments and student growth to improve student success during the edTPA assessment process.

Candidate Features

  • edTPA handbooks have been broken into digestible chunks to simplify candidates edTPA acclimation process
  • edTPA eportfolio validation prior to transfer process
  • Simple, quick edTPA eportfolio transfer process
  • Accurate edTPA resources for edTPA candidates specific to the assessment area of that candidate
  • edTPA topical eportfolio view identifying incomplete and complete edTPA tasks

Institutional Features

  • eportfolio structures for every edTPA assessment
  • edTPA artifact requirements integrated with eportfolio structures to ensure accurate eportfolio transfer
  • Listing of every approved and released edTPA handbook
  • Experienced Foliotek Consultants and Advisors assigned to aid using edTPA in Foliotek
  • Ability to make use of edTPA eportfolio data prior to and after edTPA assessment for institutional program assessments
  • Historical archive of every submitted edTPA eportfolio
  • Internal Foliotek Reports indicating status of successfully transferred eportfolios

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