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You seek a career that taps into your passion, education and skills. Foliotek’s mission: to help you get there.

Storm Ahead

Although 50% of college graduates can’t find a job that requires a college education, there are still 3 million openings around the country for skilled workers. How can this be when job-seekers send out more than a hundred million resumés a year?

Resumé Fail

Resumés have been around for 500 years. Why would you use outdated technology to land your dream job? You are more than a piece of paper! To catch the eye of your future employer, you have to present yourself in a more complete and dynamic way.


Do you feel demoralized when interviewers require evidence of work experience? Foliotek pivots the conversation from dates and job titles to examples of projects that prove you have the right stuff.

New Course

With Foliotek, even non-techies can create an online portfolio that will impress potential employers. The combination of samples of your best work set into a dynamic visual backdrop will set you apart from the resumé crowd.

Awesome Technology

Foliotek manages all of your electronic content in one place so you can share it everywhere, with less effort.

  • Store, reference and display any type of electronic content.
  • Create attractive presentations with less effort.
  • Create different presentations for different purposes.
  • Make the most of your social media presence with links to your presentation folios.

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It’s time to upgrade your job search. Foliotek saves you time and creates the best first impression for your future employer. Get started now!

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