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Designed by educators for educators, Foliotek is a major upgrade for schools pursuing assessment excellence.

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Build a professional portfolio to document your accomplishments, demonstrate your competencies and prepare for interviews.

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Powerful Student and Program Assessment Capabilities for Your School

  • Student, faculty and organization eportfolios
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Program performance analysis
  • Assessment and accreditation management
  • Faculty professional development
  • Monitor student and faculty activity
  • Field experience and internship assessment
“The staff at Foliotek are awesome. Their customer service has been superior and Foliotek is extremely user friendly. Working with them has been a great experience.”
Phyllis E. Blackwell Missouri State University S&T

Your Professional Portfolio

Find inspiration for your professional growth and job-search efforts. An eportfolio is a smarter way to document your accomplishments and demonstrate your competencies to potential employers.

Create the ultimate “online first interview” to impress potential employers.

Document your life, record achievements and archive work samples.

Use actual work samples instead of just words to demonstrate what you can do.

Manage multiple professional portfolios for specific purposes.

Reflect on your life achievements and connect with your life values.

Enhance your social identity by linking it to your eportfolio.

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