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Foliotek Open Sources AjaxQ jQuery Plugin

We have a lot of components we have built (and are in the process of building) for our presentation portfolio and assessment products.

We have decided to contribute some of this work to the open source community. The first one is a jQuery plugin for managing sequential ajax requests, called AjaxQ.

See the AjaxQ documentation or jump straight to the demonstration.

It is designed to follow the $.ajax, $.get, and $.post interfaces and return values, only taking one extra parameter (the queue name). Here is a brief sample of the functionality:

 $.ajaxq (“MyQueue”, {  
     url: ‘’,  
     type: ‘post’,  
     dataType: “jsonp”  

$.postq (“MyQueue”, ‘path/to/your/resource’, onsuccess);

$.getq (“MyQueue”, ‘path/to/another/resource’, onsuccess);  

Each request will only run once the other finished.

All of the source code is available on Github, available under the MIT License.