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Color Scheme Generator in JavaScript

ColorStash is a tiny web app I built for the 10K Apart contest. The goal of the contest is to build an application in under 10 Kilobytes. This includes all HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and images. This is a tight limit, but luckily you can include jQuery and not have it count against your size quota.

The main goal is to provide an easy way for to choose a nice color or scheme, and output those colors in a variety of formats. It supports hex, css names, rgb, hsv, and hsl as input and output formats. You don’t really need to know anything about these formats to use the colorpicker or built in image eyedropper.

I started learning about color when working on the template editor and color schemes

You can read more, check out the 10K entry, or see the more permanent (and possibly bigger than 10K as I make updates) app here: