Presentation in Action

There is no better way for you to showcase your experience than putting together an eportfolio. Resumes are a thing of the past. Win the job you want by letting them actually see what you have accomplished.

Getting Started

Creating A Portfolio 3:09

Creating a portfolio is simple. Get an overview of the basic steps for adding content, pages and design.

Portfolio Design 3:27

Foliotek’s design tools give you the ability to create an attractive portfolio presentation that is uniquely yours.

Editing Content

Managing Pages 2:03

This overview centers on creating portfolio pages. Learn about draft pages and live pages, and see how to manage page nesting and navigation in your portfolio.

Editing Content 2:49

View this introduction on adding text, images and videos to your portfolio.

Adding Gizmos 2:52

Improve the quality of your portfolio by adding rich, dynamic content with Foliotek Gizmos.

File Management 3:07

Store and organize samples of your best work and other evidence in Foliotek’s Files repository. When you create a portfolio, just click and drag artifacts from the Files repository to your portfolio pages.


Sharing Your Portfolio 4:29

Discover the many ways you can share your Foliotek portfolio with others. Options include community, public, social networks, private and contributors.

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Foliotek For Me

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