Assessment in Action

Watch for yourself how Foliotek manages different user types and allows organizations to customize Foliotek to meet their electronic portfolio requirements.

Faculty & Administrators

Instructors don't have time to waste on complex and confusing software tools. They can learn Foliotek in 30 minutes or less!

Faculty Account Functionality 5:06

Learn Foliotek’s three main faculty-user functions: formative review, summative review and completion of student data tracking forms.

Assessment Reports I 6:37

Foliotek is a powerful tool for collecting and reporting data. Here’s an overview of standards-based rubrics, data forms and artifact repositories.

Assessment Reports II 3:18

Foliotek can generate a broad range of reports. This video introduces reports that help to address assessment quality and student success, including inter-rater reliability, student activity and faculty activity.

Accreditation Exhibit Room 5:54

Learn why Foliotek’s Institutional Portfolio is the ideal tool to help store, organize and present your reports and supporting examples to visiting accreditation teams.

Folitek Assessment Portfolio Infrastructure

Foliotek Assessment is a flexible electronic portfolio data collection tool. It will allow you to customize data collection the way you want to, and create custom evaluation workflows that meet your data collection needs as well as simplify your current assessment practices.

Flexibility 6:20

Foliotek has been designed with an Assessment, Presentation and Scrapbook portfolio capability that fits a wide range of educational practices.

Assessment Portfolios I 5:24

Assessment portfolios are designed for student and program accreditation needs. Examine how student artifacts are stored and organized.

Assessment Portfolios II 3:40

Learn how Foliotek helps students align their work to standards and interact with instructors, gaining valuable formative feedback.

Assessment Portfolios III 7:09

Explore the robust features of the assessment portfolio: gap analysis, export portfolio, evaluations, peer review, resources and profile.

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