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The non-breaking space "?"

This post may sound elementary to those of you who went through college after the web development was in full swing.? Admittedly, that was just slightly before my time.? So, what was a small epiphany for me may be common knowledge to you, but please pardon my ignorance and delight at what I learned.

Sometimes you just need a little more space somewhere, and fortunately, sometime long ago when I was just starting to work on the web, someone introduced me to the beloved “ ”.? Since that time, I have used it occasionally whenever it was too tedious to add space another way.

However, I recently needed to have a cell in a header row define the space for the column.? I don’t recall the exact circumstance now, but for whatever reason, defining no wrap wasn’t available.

Enter the often-used but seldom understood  .? I needed the text in this column to not break at the spaces.? I was working with another person, when it occurred to me that the non-breaking space is probably a non-breaking space.

I replaced the spaces with   and the problem was solved!