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10.20 --- The Next New Thing

Foliotek Presentation Redesign


The Story

About four years ago we introduced a game-changing tool focused on giving students the freedom to build visually creative eportfolios for any purpose. The goal was to develop a tool that was engaging and centered around an experience where the editing mode mirrored the live (published) version. Since the introduction of Foliotek Presentation, our educational partners have repeatedly commented on the unique, creative freedom this powerful tool affords which is unmatched in our industry.

After a massively successful launch of Foliotek Presentation, our educational partners began to envision new uses for the platform. From their vision we developed Foliotek communities: a feature where users could share and discuss their eportfolios, and community moderators could review eportfolios in restricted environments. However, over the last few years, the complex aspects of this component have exceeded the constraints of its current user interface. Because of this, on October 20th, we will be releasing an entirely re-skinned and re-tooled version of Foliotek Presentation. This new release of Foliotek Presentation not only expands the user interface to better showcase its existing Communities, but additionally lays the foundation for expanding the direction of Foliotek Presentation.

In the upcoming release of Foliotek Presentation, users will find an augmented aspect to communities. Community moderators and participants will have a more immersive experience as they review and comment on portfolios and interact with other community participants. Additionally, the new user experience opens the door for a multitude of future enhancements.

Outside of the improvements to Foliotek communities, the re-designed interface introduces a new module to its architecture: the Identity Page. This module provides users the ability to construct a singular web presence where they can showcase their experiential-based projects and acts as a gateway to their other social networks.

Foliotek Presentation continues to evolve. With the valuable input we receive from current and prospective educational partners, we are very excited about the future — a future where we continue to improve our ability to assist in the education of individuals, helping them to become not only competent in their field of study, but passionate about their professional pursuits.


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