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Make Your Online Identity Stand Out

alt How should one get started in creating an online professional identity? Many people default to LinkedIn which is certainly an important entity in this realm. However, a LinkedIn Profile falls a bit short of a complete online professional identity in this writer’s opinion. I assert that having a LinkedIn profile is an important part of a larger undertaking. Creating a portal which links to all of one’s online presence would be a more thorough approach.

Build Your Brand

An Identity Page on Foliotek is a great place to start. Users may include an Introduction statement, a professional photo, work history, education, and links to any website relevant to their identity. A Foliotek Identity Page also includes features for an embedded resume, a ‘contact me’ button, and icon links to other social networking tools (like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube). Having all of this together on a nice looking webpage is actually quite simple to construct. The system offers several great looking templates and background photos to choose from. Users may also choose to use their own background picture if they wish to give it a more personal touch. An Identity Page on Foliotek is a great way to take advantage of several social media outlets while creating a polished professional identity.

Showcase Artifacts

The ability to include projects is another handy feature on the Foliotek Identity Page. Foliotek includes a streamlined approach to present authentic work samples within a project. Unlike linking to a file on a LinkedIn Profile, a Foliotek Project can include several documents that are themed within a project. Pages in a project can also showcase videos or any other type of file that you can store on a computer. The idea is to tell a story in a way which highlights one’s accomplishments and values. Building a nice looking project is easy to do; Choose a cover image from the multitude of provided images or upload your own, then fill in the pages of your project with your authentic work. Finally, link your projects to your Identity Page and showcase them to potential employers.
alt Foliotek also offers a robust ePortfolio tool should a user wish to create a paginated website without needing to have technical coding skills. Many Foliotek users choose to link to both projects and an ePortfolio when creating their online brand with a Foliotek Identity Page.

Creating a polished professional online identity will give potential employers valuable information about you as a person and as a professional. It very well may be just the advantage that helps land the right job for you.

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