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ePortfolio File Manager

It’s HERE!!!

This Monday we released an improved file management system to Foliotek Presentation.  From this point on you can create folders, and better organize your files.  As you build your career portfolios, professional development portfolios and online identities, you will love having the ability to organize your files repository.  You may not already be aware of this, but Foliotek Presentation not only lets you store files you can upload, but it will also allow you to store links to web content.  If you have articles you have read online, web sites you like, blog posts you want to remember for later use, you can store all of those in the Files Manager.

What can you do with the File Manager:

  • Store any type of file (even web content!)
  • Create folders to organize your content
  • Rename files
  • Drag and drop files for easy file management
  • Download all of your uploaded files into a zipped document
  • Search for files
  • Sort files by: name/size/type/date added

Also released this Monday in Foliotek Presentation

  • Mandatory Chrome Frame install for all IE 7 users who want to use the File Manager
  • Optional Chrome Frame install for all IE7 & IE 8 users to improve their user experience
  • Video Gizmo controls are now the same as the Image Gizmo controls (borders, captions, etc…)
  • New registration process



  • External Form Report
  • Request Review of Individual Files
  • New User Activity Timeline


  • Image Slideshow Gizmo
  • Image Grid Gizmo
  • Image Splat Gizmo