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Crossroads of Assessment

As this is my first entry for the Foliotek blog, I feel it is necessary to first tell you a bit about my background in order to provide some context for my article.  I have been working for Foliotek Inc. for the past six years.  In that time, I have worked with hundreds of academic programs to implement our online assessment application.

Prior to my time working at Foliotek, I spent a year and a half working at the University of Missouri.  I was a Program Coordinator as well as an adjunct professor for the last two courses in the sequence prior to the student teacher experience for the College of Education.  These courses dealt directly with the completion of the required assessment portfolio as well as the creation of a presentation portfolio.  The presentation portfolio was used as a means for perspective student teachers to apply for their internship placement.  This process was fruitful as it led our student teachers through a simulated job search experience.  Our aim was to match them with an appropriate placement and help them with the necessary skills to obtain employment once they finished the program.  I enjoyed my time with the University of Missouri; I was given the opportunity to revamp our entire process for assessing the required assessment portfolio.  We changed the process of technical writing to prove proficiency in each of the state standards to a more balanced process which included a performance based evaluation to be executed during the student teaching internship.  Along with a few products to be specified BY well, an, well, the, a, it, aligned, IBY well, an, well, the, a, it, aligned, IBY well, an, well, the, a, it, aligned, Ieckpoint.  This is to facilitate competency based assessment at each checkpoint without pulling unwanted portfolio elements by competency.  A set of competencies can be established for each checkpoint.  This can be done whether or not there are any differences in the competencies between checkpoints.  This process will result in the automatic pulling of the correct work as aligned by competency for each checkpoint.

The Crossroads of Assessment offers two distinct paths; the first is by course, the second by program checkpoints.  Many programs select to go down one road or the other.  However, as I continue to implement more programs I see more hybrid combinations being constructed every day.  Every program has its own goals and needs.  The data being sought often drives the process of selecting the appropriate path.  My aim is to work with each program to help them accomplish their goals in a clear and streamlined fashion.